Sourcing Vietnam

privatelabelapparelmanufacturing International’s wide array of factories worldwide and our strategically placed Taiwan office have helped make us a leader in the apparel sourcing world. Schools, corporations, the US military, golfing organizations and athletes, private labels, performance brands, and better retails stores have utilized our services throughout our 35+ years of business. We have and will continue to provide the same high-quality service to large- medium- and small-size wholesalers seeking international exposure, lower-price suppliers, and stable production.

As experts in apparel sourcing, our team will handle all of your global sourcing needs, drastically simplifying this complex and time-consuming process for you. Our network of factories enables us to manufacture your garment in a region that will create the best possible pricing, quality and profit margins for your product. By eliminating the apparel sourcing aspect of clothing manufacturing, we allow you to be better focused grow and market your brand.

Our Scottsdale, AZ Headquarters is at the center of our 35+ years of industry experience. From our headquarters we are able to oversee all necessary aspects of design, product development, and quality control. We take pride in our efficient and effective network of communication and correspondence, both globally and locally. Our Taiwan office acts as our Gateway to Asia,” and is staffed with a complete complement of experts capable of overseeing all aspects of the vertical clothing manufacturing process: fabrication, allocation, conversion, production, etc. With experience specific to Asia, our staff is dedicated to exceptional communication and quality. We provide the additional resources and experience necessary to expand your apparel sourcing needs in Asia.

Our two office locations allow us to source all varieties of apparel products and accessories, and our business services include, but are not limited to:

  • Flexibility to accommodate your needs

  • Additional resources, mills and factories to assist with your sourcing needs

  • privatelabelapparelmanufacturing low overhead company model equates to better margins for your company

  • Choose between “One stop” production, packaging and delivery, or basic garment production services

  • Low priced production and shipping

  • Utilization of privatelabelapparelmanufacturing® global factory locations

  • Helping private labels, wholesalers, and importers to extend their international business as an importing facilitator

  • Helping importers evaluate suppliers, sourcing raw materials, ordering, delivery, control, and fulfillment, and shipment arrangement

  • Minimizing garment costs by placing a company’s garment production in ideal Asian mills and factories.

  • Providing valuable information related to apparel international trade business and offering a e-marketplace for our clients to learn what happens and what may happen in the future of the global apparel market, and to find hints of how to boost their businesses with our service.

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