Apparel Technology

At Wilzoni International, we believe that 21st century consumers deserve cutting-edge, 21st century apparel technology. Advances in apparel technology demand equal advances in materials performance. Thus we are proud to announce our next-generation fabric: Ztek® with Smartfiberz.

A revolutionary new EZ Care/EZ wear product, Ztek® with Smartfiberz is made with select fibers and yarns that work naturally with the body to properly manage moisture and air flow. This enables the clothing to enhance the body's natural breathing, perspiration, and cooling process, which helps to regulate core body temperature, control odor, and maintain dryness and comfort. By working in tandem with the body's own natural processes, Ztek® with Smartfiberz helps increase comfort, performance, strength, and endurance.

Our performance fabrics and apparel are wash and wear. Additionally, they are shrink, wrinkle, skew, and pill-resistant. Ztek® with Smartfiberz fabrics is designed with the proper combination of natural fibers and yarns to support and enhance the body's natural cooling and regulation processes.

EMPA Materials, Science and Technology Testing Laboratories in Switzerland, in conjunction with FOXSN Sports Science, have performed rigorous core body temperature management, comfort, and performance testing. The results of these tests clearly show that wearing the proper clothing can assist in improved management of core body temperature, which enhances endurance, strength, comfort, and overall performance.

Ztek® with Smartfiberz features all of these qualities and more, resulting in active lifestyle and performance apparel that provides better performance and is less expensive than other current apparel technologies. This makes Ztek® with Smartfiberz fabrics, apparel, and products an excellent fit for retail, golf, corporate, school and military markets.

Ztek® with Smartfiberz: tomorrow's new height of performance apparel technology today.