Wilzoni International 2012 Press Release

Clothing Manufacturing

Wilzoni International

Scottsdale, AZ, January 23, 2012 -- Wilzoni International, is a custom manufacturing company that operates 26 factories in southeast Asia, producing knit and woven shirts, pants, shorts, jackets and accessories for various branded manufactures. Using generic and proprietary Lifestyle and Performance fabrics, Wilzoni has it covered. Keeping overhead, margins and risk low, Wilzoni offers attractive and competitive prices with their full service turn-key operation.

From fiber to garment, Wilzoni International offers their customers a fiber forward vertical finished garment package. With this concept to shelf strategy, Wilzoni helps their customers save time and money on every step of the garment design, development, production and fulfillment process.

This apparel manufacturing company is always on trend and has the experience of mass production of countless garment types and styles as validated by the fact that they have produced over 100,000,000 units. They offer the latest styles in a broad range of colors, styles, fabrics and trims. In 2011, Wilzoni International added 4 major clients to an already impressive customer list which includes: Better retail stores, U.S. military, high profile branded manufactures, schools, golf, corporate and uniform companies.

Wilzoni International produces full package private label garments with amazing efficiency and speed. Whether it is a startup or established branded label company, Wilzoni International has the ability to assist their customers in creating better quality, engineered and styled garments with improved continuity and margins.

Call 480.606.8951 or visit https://www.wilzoni.com for more information about Wilzoni International, their services, factory locations and unbeatable pricing..

Greg Wilson
Wilzoni International
29386 N. 108th Place
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
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...Wilzoni International brings the future to their customers with their next generation product: Ztek® with Smartfiberz fabric made with fiber and yarn which work in tandem with the body by managing moisture and air flow properly to enhance the body's natural breathing, perspiration and cooling process which increases comfort, performance, strength and endurance.

The process we use with Ztek® with Smartfiberz fabric actually works differently than the other brands 100% poly and synthetic rich moisture management dry-wick products.

The Ztek® with Smartfiberz fabric difference is the proper combination of natural and performance fiber and yarn creating fabrics that are engineered to manage moisture and body temperature properly.

Ztek® with Smartfiberz fabric work in tandem with the body to regulate core body temperature and enhance comfort, strength, endurance and performance. Ztek® with Smartfiberz fabric products perform better for active lifestyle and performance apparel and are less expensive.

Core body temperature management, comfort and performance testing has been performed by EMPA Materials, Science and Technology Testing Laboratories in Switzerland in conjunction with FOXSN Sports Science. The results of the tests clearly validate that wearing the proper clothing can assist in proper management of core body temperature which enhances endurance, strength, comfort and overall performance.

Patents Pending.