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ZTEK™ fabric made with SmartFiberZ™ fiber and yarn work in tandem with the body by managing moisture and air flow properly to enhance the body's natural breathing, perspiration and cooling process which increases comfort, performance, strength and endurance.

The process we use with ZTEK™ with SmartFiberZ™ actually works differently than the major brands 100% poly and synthetic rich moisture management dry-wick products.

Most active lifestyle and performance products in the market today may wick moisture, but may actually inhibit, rather than enhance the human body's natural cooling process. These fabric and yarn types may draw perspiration away too quickly, restrict airflow and retain heat that will elevate ambient and core body temperature. The improper engineering of fabric and yarn types subsequently raises core body temperature, increases wearers discomfort, reduces strength and endurance and diminishes performance.

The ZTEK™ with SmartFiberZ™ difference is the proper combination of natural and technical fiber and yarns creating fabrics that are engineered to manage moisture and body temperature properly.

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ZTEK™ with SmartFiberZ™ works in tandem with the body to regulate core body temperature and enhance comfort, strength, endurance and performance. ZTEK™ with SmartFiberZ™ products perform better for both active lifestyle and performance apparel and are also less expensive.

Core body temperature management, comfort and performance testing has been performed by EMPA Materials, Science and Technology Testing Laboratories in Switzerland in conjunction with FOXSN Sports Science. The results of the tests clearly validate that wearing the proper clothing can assist in proper management of core body temperature which enhances endurance, strength, comfort and overall performance. The testing showed that improper clothing can negatively affect core body temperature management and with strenuous exercise can actually be dangerous. Based on a very strenuous and hot ten minute tread mill test exercise, an individual wearing lightweight active wear clothing made of improper fabric and yarn type elevated their core body temperature to 104°. Wearing lightweight active wear clothing made with proper fabric and yarn type elevated their core body temperature to only 99° in this same test.
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